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The community of practice Did@cTIC has developed within the diploma did@cTIC, a diploma of continuous training in Higher Education and Educational Technology, offered by the "Centre de Didactique Universitaire" of the University of Fribourg in Switzerland. The training is based on an analysis of needs and is attended by Faculty members (that may be assistants, senior assistants or professors), who have the same general goal: the will to contribute effectively to the
quality of teaching in their university. The community of practice Did@cTIC has really emerged through the development of the training.

Did@cTIC members consider that they are constituting two types of CoPs:
- the whole Did@cTIC group composed of the members of the "Centre de Didactique", the participants in the training and the teachers from University of Fribourg asking for support.
- the groups of teachers who are participating in the training and exchange about their teaching practice (meet once per month, in presence for about 2h30).

The community of practice Did@cTIC, considered as a whole, tends to develop a culture of teaching, and of innovative ways to apply in that field of activity including ICTs based, in the University of Fribourg. This is developed through various activities: the training, teaching support, teaching projects development and research. Another aim is to constitute a set of resources, examples, vignettes that can be used in particular to support a reflection on teaching or to make training sessions.

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