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WP0 - Co-ordination
WP1 - Synergy Specification
WP2 - Information services
WP3 - Knowledge Management Services
WP4 - Mediation Services
WP5 - Implementation
WP6 - Evaluation
WP7 - Dissemination
WP8 - Training

Service Gallery

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Welcome to the service gallery!
Get a glimpse of the services designed by PALETTE creators.
Discover their variety and how they complement each other.
Imagine the kinds of service they provide for you and your community. Adopt them to enhance your creativity and your productivity.
Different aids, like video presentations or online training, will guide you through the gallery.

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On each service's page, you will find a Download printable documentation button. It gives you access to a document containing a few pages explaining the developper's vision when creating his service and some usage scenarios. You will also find links to the service's website.

Integrate PALETTE service together

PALETTE services were designed and developed in a way that eases their integration. In respect to generic scenarios, PALETTE services are able to form a chain of services that answers CoPs intentions.Integration of PALETTE services is completely transparent and is done respecting open standards.

More about Learning and Organisational Resources

Three types of Learning and Organisational Resources (LORs) have been elaborated in the PALETTE framework for:

  1. Managing, supporting and evaluating (individual and collective, and informal and formal) learning;
  2. Organising, managing, developing, and evaluating CoPs;
  3. Choosing and (individually and collectively) appropriating tools, supporting CoPs in conceiving scenarios of tools uses.