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Doctoral Programme Module at the Department of Educational Research PDF Print E-mail
Doctoral Programme Module at the Department of Educational Research (Lancaster University)
Origin of the community: The community is a group of 25 higher education teachers and managers completing a taught doctoral programme on higher education teaching and learning. The group attends Lancaster University 4 times a year and is supported remotely by web-based resources and electronic mail.

Openness of the group, evolution of members:  Each year 20 new students are enrolled. We will focus on cohorts 9 and 10 who will be within the programme for the life-time of the project. They are supported by 6 tutors.

Main intention: The main intention of the COP is to provide a vehicle for research based knowledge resources for professional learning at doctoral level.

Who moderate: The moderation of the course is made by the module leader and by the director of the doctoral programme.

Modalities of knowledge management (in which purpose): The knowledge management is based on electronic archives of research based papers and other bibliographic resources on higher education and papers centrally stored. Also short professional briefing analyses are produced by students and shared by them.

Currently used technical services: The technological platform is the University Internet developed through Domino (Lotus). The system is based on existing concepts of learning communities, collaborative exchange and learning sets
Contact(s) inside the community:  Prof. Dr Murray Saunders
Possibilities to set up a focus group with users: Yes; we will be able to have a briefing focus group on the project four times a year
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