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PALETTE aims at having different kinds of actors work together to build, share, publish knowledge about Communities of Practice and uses of web services, and to develop interoperable web services for Communities of Practice.

PALETTE actors have decided to work on a participatory basis. Training is one key participatory activity which enables PALETTE actors building new knowledge and practices and sharing them among themselves and with external communities

WP8 aims more specifically at gathering, supporting and delivering learning resources at three levels
  • internally, between partners, by building common knowledge about web services and their uses on one hand, and about creating, sustaining and developing Communities of Practice on the other hand,
  • with PALETTE Communities of Practice, by providing them with learning resources and coaching facilities in order to better develop themselves and integrate new web services uses,
  • more broadly by integrating PALETTE developments and findings in already existing or newly developed programs among partners.

All the training resources produced within Palette will be available online through a dedicated learning management system. A direct access to this LMS will be provided here in the near future.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 21 March 2007 )
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