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Learn-Nett (Learning Network for Teachers) -


This training project started in 1997 in Belgium. It gathered teachers and researchers in the field of educational technology from five universities to build and share collective practice. Since 1997, other universities joined the network that now covers Belgium, France, Switzerland and Democratic Republic of Congo.

The community is focused on a shared course called Learn-Nett (Learning Network for Teachers and Trainers). This course prepares future teachers or trainers for educative uses of new technologies (ICT). Concretely, students from the different universities set up workgroups that, under supervision of tutors, collaborate remotely on projects aimed at developing particular uses of ICT. A virtual campus constitutes their work environment. Around this course, discussions are lead by the team of tutors about collaborative learning and its conditions of use and success. This team constitutes a Community of Practice.

The activities performed by the CoP mainly consist in discussions and debates concerning the administrative and pedagogical preparation of the course, training of tutors, and evaluation of the course at the end as well as the questions encountered by the tutors for supporting their groups at a distance.

The community interacts via email, videoconferencing system, audioconferencing system and a virtual environment “Moodle”.

Origin of the community: Learn-Nett has started in 1997 and is still in live today.

Openness of the group, evolution of members: Each year 40 to 60 of new enrolled students, 10 to 15 trainers and teachers from 5-6 universities collaborating for 5 to 8 years.

Main intention: For the students to learn (it's a learning community) and for the trainers to develop their practices (it's a Community of Practice) about the use of ICT in education.

Who moderate: The moderation/coordination is taken each year by one of the representative of the institution who hosts the learning platform used thus the responsibly of the moderation changes from one year to another.

Modalities of knowledge management (in which purpose): The most interesting realisation of the students are stored and made accessible to the new students, the pedagogical practices of the tutors are represented and made accessible each year (guides, grid analysis, etc.).

Currently used technical services: The technological solutions have evolved during the live of the project: a static website, a virtual campus developed for the project and finally open source learning platform (such as CLAROLINE) or a platform developed under an European project (GALANET).
Contact(s) inside the community:  CRIFA-ULG (B.Denis) is partner of LEARN-NETT and could be the contact in this COP.
Possibilities to set up a focus group with users: Yes
Additional information:
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