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EACP’08 International Workshop: “Learning Environments for Communities of Practice”

Université Aboubekr Belkaid - Tlemcen - Algeria, November 18th-20th, 2008

The EACP 08 workshop, organized by the PALETTE project at the University of Tlemcen from 18 to 20 November 2008 was a real success thanks to the presence of the expertised participants recognized by the scientific community, and to the quality of the contributions dealing at the same time with technological, educational and social aspects and presented through the 5 sessions of the programme .
The Call for Papers is closed.
The EACP’08 workshop ("Environnements d'apprentissage pour les communautés de pratique") is organized under the European project PALETTE (Pedagogically sustained Adaptive LEarning Through the exploitation of Tacit and Explicit knowledge) which aims at facilitating and augmenting individual and organizational learning in Communities of Practice (CoPs). The Aboubekr Belkaid University is a partner of PALETTE project and has a major role in the dissemination activities of the project throughout the South Mediterranean countries’ Communities of Practice.
Launched in the 90’s, personal learning environments have known a spectacular development with the fast evolution of information and communication technologies. The management of shared and personalized space which allows incremental collection of resources, social networks’ development and peer discussion, clearly contributes to knowledge acquisition and information sharing.

Communities of Practice represent an environment in which individuals, experts and novices, learn together to improve and develop their professional practices. They are therefore the best environment for individual and collective learning. Communities of Practice are more often distributed geographically (communities located in several areas or countries) and from an organisational point of view (inside and outside organisation). Therefore they require Information Technologies to support, improve, and develop the learning process and practices.

Expected proposals should give multidisciplinary added value to the learning environment for communities of practice. They will address together technological, educational and sociological aspects.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) the following:
  •   Learning in CoPs: case studies, ethnographic studies
  •   Knowledge sharing and reification in CoPs
  •   Collaborative Learning: methods, tools, evaluation
  •   Learning on the workplace
  •   Creation, usage and sharing of multimedia information for Collaborative Learning
  •   Services, e-services and Web-services for Collaborative Learning
  •   Services, e-services and Web-services for CoP’s development
  •   Interoperability of services
  •   Web 2.0 for Collaborative Learning
  •   Web 2.0 for CoPs development
  •   Web 2.0 for Learning on the workplace
  •   Development of novel user interfaces for Collaborative Learning
  •   Ontologies and Collaborative Learning
  •   Ontologies and CoPs
  •   Semantic Web tools for Collaborative Learning
  •   Semantic Web tools for CoPs

The language of the workshop will be French; however, presentations in English are also accepted.

Submission of proposals
Two categories of submissions are solicited: research papers (up to 10 pages) or posters (includes an abstract of 400 words max).
The deadline to submit research papers is October 10th, 2008. After acceptation authors should send their final papers no more than November 10th, 2008.

The deadline to submit posters is October 21st, 2008.

All proposals should be submitted through
Please contact to receive login information.

Workshop Proceedings
Accepted papers (research papers and posters) will be available during the workshop on a CD-ROM. They will be published afterwards in workshop proceedings, to the condition that at least one of the authors will attend the workshop and present the paper. Any paper not presented by an author/co-author will not be published in the workshop proceedings.

Best papers
Best research papers will be proposed for publication in the International Journal of Web-based Learning and Teaching Technologies (IJWLTT – http:/// ). French papers should then be translated into in English under their authors’ responsibility.

Important dates
Research papers
October 10th, 2008: Paper submission
October 21st, 2008: Notification of Acceptance
November 10th, 2008: Final version submission

October 21st, 2008: Abstract submission
October 31st, 2008: Notification of Acceptance

Scientific Committee
Chair: Azeddine Chikh (Université Aboubekr Belkaid, Algeria)
Sarra Ben Lagha (Ecole Polytechnique de Tunisie and Université de Genève, Switzerland)
Aida Boukottaya (Université de Fribourg, Switzerland)
Bernadette Charlier (Université de Fribourg, Switzerland)
Amaury Daele (Université de Fribourg, Switzerland)
Adil El Ghali (INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France)
Liliane Esnault (EM LYON, France)
Naïma Cherchem (EM LYON, France)
Denis Gillet (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland)
Nikos Karacapilidis (CTI et Université de Patras, Greece)
Thibaud Latour (Centre de Recherche Publique Henri Tudor, Luxembourg) 
Tayeb Lemlouma (Université de Rennes, France)
Achour Mostefaoui (IRISA-Université de Rennes 1, France)
Vincent Quint (INRIA Grenoble, France)
Christine Vanoirbeek (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland)
Luc Vandenabeele (Centre de Recherche Publique Henri Tudor de Luxembourg)

Organizing Committee
Chair: Zaki Sari (Université Aboubekr Belkaid, Algeria)
Bouida Djelloul (Université Aboubekr Belkaid, Algeria)
Cherif Zine El Abidine (Université Aboubekr Belkaid, Algeria)
Chikh Azzedine (Université Aboubekr Belkaid, Algeria)
Chikh Mohamed Amine (Université Aboubekr Belkaid, Algeria)
Chouiti Sidi-Mohamed (Université Aboubekr Belkaid, Algeria)
El Yebdri Zeyneb (Université Aboubekr Belkaid, Algeria)
Guezzan Amine (Université Aboubekr Belkaid, Algeria)
Halfaoui Amel (Université Aboubekr Belkaid, Algeria)
Iles Nawel (Université Aboubekr Belkaid, Algeria)
Kara Terki Hadjéra (Université Aboubekr Belkaid, Algeria)
Khellassi Abdeldjalil (Université Aboubekr Belkaid, Algeria)
Khitri Souad (Université Aboubekr Belkaid, Algeria)
Sarirete Akila (Effat University, Saudi Arabia)

University of Tlemcen
Tel.: +213 40 91 69 20
Fax: +213 43 20 43 62
e- mail:

Participation Fee
1.    With paper/poster
•    Students: Free
•    Teachers: 5000 DA

2.    Without paper/poster
•    Students: 5000 DA
•    Teachers: : 10000 DA
Workshop organisation
Presentations will take place on Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 November 2008.
Thursday 20 Novembre 2008 will be dedicated to a guided tour.

The reception of the participants will begin on Monday 17 November 2008 respectively at Missali El Hadj - Tlemcen  airport and Essenia - Oran airport (1h30’ from Tlemcen). Flight information:

Departure will be organized from Thursday 20 to Friday 21 November 2008.

Bibliothèque Centrale or Auditorium of University of Tlemcen.

and you should go to your closest Algerian consulate.
Visa information:
Participants who need an invitation letter to obtain a visa should contact the workshop secretariat.

Shuttles can be organized from airport to hotel, and from hotel to airport.

We propose you the Zianides Hotel, located at Tlemcen town center (12, Rue Khedim Ali). Rooms will be booked by the organizing committee.

Please, contact directly the workshop secretariat.

Important information
Currency : algerian dinar
1€ = 100 Dinars
Voltage : 220 volts

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