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WP0 - Co-ordination
WP1 - Synergy Specification
WP2 - Information services
WP3 - Knowledge Management Services
WP4 - Mediation Services
WP5 - Implementation
WP6 - Evaluation
WP7 - Dissemination
WP8 - Training
The PALETTE project aims at facilitating and augmenting individual and organisational learning in Communities of Practice (CoPs). Towards this aim, an interoperable and extensible set of innovative services as well as a set of specific scenarios of use have been designed, implemented and thoroughly validated in CoPs of diverse contexts.
The above services and scenarios  support:
  • incremental convergence towards a comprehensive representation of practices;
  • argumentative debates about practices;
  • enhancement of practices through knowledge exploration, inside and outside of the CoPs;
  • provision of procedures for the reification and creation of new practices
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PDM in action on the occasion of a LimSee3 trial for the ePrep CoP, Paris, October 25, 2008
ePrep realised a short film on the occasion of a LimSee3 trial for its CoP taking place at Lycée Henri IV, Paris, on October 25, 2008. The film (11 min), on the theme “Annotations with LimSee3 for a real exam at Lycée Henri IV”, includes 6 sections: presentation, pedagogical aspects, technological aspects, PDM, exam, post-production. It involves two PALETTE developers, an ePrep CoP member, a student at Lycée Henri IV, and the ePrep CoP coordinator.
To see the film (in French), please connect to ePrep website .
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