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  • Currently 1.69/5

Rating 1.7/5 (36 votes)

This BayFac service aims at providing a mean to semi-automatically index textual documents (documents, emails, forum posts, wiki pages, blog posts, etc.) regarding a vector of concepts relevant to a CoP, hence allowing classification according to multiple facets.
The benefits for the users are to have incoming documents automatically classified according to known useful categories, and to be able to search information in a more efficient manner thanks to this indexation.

  • Alain Vagner (
Web site:

How to use it: the service is deployed on a Generis platform and made available to the external world in the forms of a web portal allowing browsing and search through the documents (knowledge) base, manual and automatic classification, all using the facets. In the next release, a web service access will be provided.


Guest account: No for the moment. Research and classification service, personalized for each CoP. In the future, planned to open it to everybody.
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 26 November 2008 )
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